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Bastei Lübbe: COFFEESHOP- a serial digital novel

With COFFEESHOP Cologne-based publishing house Bastei Lübbe introduces a series of novels that announces the beginning of a new era in publishing in Germany. Bastei Lübbe’s multi-media-app was developed in reaction to the changing reading habits of many readers. The serial novel is conceptualised as a multi-media-app for all common digital end-appliances and promises a new reading experience. Film scenes, texts, music and interactive content are merged into an e-book experience of twelve sequels whereby fans can follow Sandra and her friends through the urban jungle of Berlin. In addition the story can be followed on facebook to get more insight into the lives of the four friends. COFFEESHOP is available as a reading, audio and visual multi-media-app, or as an e-book, audio-download or Read & Listen-Version (incl. videos). The episodes appear in weekly intervals.

As specialists for viral marketing VIRAL LAB realised the strategic video seeding for announcing and distributing the serial novel, thereby enthusing the book affine target group with a new reading format.

OPEL dances the Limbo with the Opel Service All-Inclusive-Price-Offensive

In line with the Opel All-Inclusive-Price-Offensive with low price guarantee, the corresponding spot sees main protagonist Horst dropping down on his knees. As low as Horst can drop on his knees doing the Limbo, prices will drop during the All-Inclusive-Price-Offensive.

And in the unlikely event of you finding parts of this low price offered at a lower price elsewhere, your participating Opel Service Partner will offer you the same price.

VIRAL LAB handled the strategic video seeding for Opel for the third time, creating awareness for the offer in the Opel and car affine target group.


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
„Total Recall“ – DVD Release

Total Recall is a fantastic sci-fi thriller about dwindling reality and fictional memory. The worker Douglas Quaid (played by Colin Farrell) is fascinated by the idea to program dreams into real memories and so he wants to take a little time off from his boring life. But in his virtual vacation something goes haywire and Quaid suddenly is branded a spy as the authorities close in. Fantasy and reality threatens to fall out of balance more and more as Quaid discovers his true identity, determination and love.

For the launch of the DVD and on behalf of harvard – good relations group gmbh VIRAL LAB took over the video seeding of the movie trailer for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment by successfully placing it in the film-affine online audience.

„s.Oliver - Let’s Celebrate!“

The fashion and lifestyle company s.Oliver started into the 2012 festive season with a glamorously orchestrated Christmas feeling campaign.

So came about an energetic and brilliant spot that subsequently puts one in the mood for both the Christmas and New Year's party.

VIRAL LAB handled the strategic video seeding and social media placing of the campaign in the fashion-oriented online target group.

Robert Bosch GmbH – Bosch Car Service

Bosch Service is one of the biggest networks on the free market for car workshops. Bosch Car Service-Partner offers drivers a high quality and fairly priced alternative to brand name workshops.

AV Medien Business Pictures produced a viral spot, in which Bosch Car Service mechanics offer a special service to make their clients happy.

Assigned by AV Medien, VIRAL LAB successfully implemented the seeding of the viral spot for Bosch-contracted workshops within the car-affine environment.

EBV – The Heart of Cortex

Be it televisions, vacuum cleaners, telephones or automatic sprinkler systems, these days nothing in technical appliances works without micro-controllers anymore. In order to develop more efficient and higher performance micro-controllers, leading semi-conductor specialist EBV Elektronik went on a joint venture with full service provider for cortex components Cortex- Bausteine NXP. By pooling their know-how they are now able to design micro-controllers that make possible the impossible. This is the central message of the spot that promotes the fusion of the two specialists.

VIRAL LAB supported EBV Elektronik with a tailor-made seeding concept and successfully conducted the video seeding campaign to increase public awareness of this cooperation within the special interest field of the semi-conductor industry.


tripventure- Enjoy Augmented Reality

For sprylab technologies GmbH VIRAL LAB handled the seeding for the location-based game-platform tripventure.

Explore virtual city adventures in metropoles such as Berlin, Hamburg, London, Paris with tripventure app in combination with Augmented Reality and location based gaming. Find information about the most important sightseeing locations whilst having gaming fun with your virtual travel guide.

VIRAL LAB realised the video seeding via selected social media channels and showed how you can experience virtual stories and adventures in the real world with tripventure apps.

Welthungerhilfe – 1 Hour Against Hunger

On the occasion of their 50th anniversary the Welthungerhilfe challenges their supporters to donate an hour of their time through their charity drive "1 Hour Against Hunger". This can be done by either donating an hour‘s salary or by organising a one-hour charity drive.

In a call on people to make more of their time, Scholz & Friends Berlin created a viral film which shows how much time the average person loses in everyday situations during a typical day.

VIRAL LAB handled the social media placing of the campaign, amongst other on blogs and on facebook. Strategic seeding ensured the spreading of the message "Make more out of your time".


Europa Möbel- Always the right idea

If your home is your castle, but you are not always sure which furniture is right for yourself and your castle, Global Möbel is the place for you. Choose from the diverse collection at Global Möbel to express your lifestyle without compromising on comfort. And if you are in need of more interior design tips and ideas, you can consult homeIdee, the trend magazine of Global Möbel. In order to promote Global Möbel and its trend magazine, the brand’s motto "Always the right idea" was transported throughout the „Jump“-spot in original and unusual ways. .

Assigned by Europa Möbel Verbund, a merger of nearly 600 furniture dealers with over 1 700 sales points, VIRAL LAB took over the video Seeding of the "Jump"-spot and successfully placed the campaign topic with the lifestyle-affine online target group.

smart – ebike Urban Mobility

Electricity driven mobility on two wheels is gaining more and more importance. For car producer smart it is a high priority topic. Together with the agency K-MB , smart produced a guideline for urban mobility in form of a short film. The spot introduces the functioning of e-bikes in general as well as the smart e-bike.

The message is clear: The smart e-bike caters to the mobility needs of many urban dwellers and combines the comfort of a motorised two-wheeler with the easy handling of a bicycle.

Assigned by K-MB, VIRAL LAB was responsible for the social media seeding of the campaign.

Successful seeding of the spots via various online- portals ensured viral effects within the urban target group and increased the awareness of smart as an e-bike producer.


Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken- Working together pays off

"Working together pays off" is the message of the interactive viral campaign of Genossenschaftsbanken in cooperation with the advertising acency geno kom. The campaign consists of a film in which a team of course runners carries a previously selected message through the city and delivers it in style at the end. Via upload, webcam or facebook the film can be personalised by integrating an own picture into the film on the Website. The personalised film is distributed via facebook, twitter oder e-mail.

Besides the video seeding of the campaign trailer, with over half a million views on YouTube, VIRAL LAB also took over the media distribution of different online advertising formats and could thus sucessfully publicise the campaingn with the young target group.

EBV - Functional Safety

The spot "Revenge is Best Served Cold" by EBV Elektronik is essentially about functional safety. EBV does not only support the industry with technical components of the semi-conductor industry, but also with the necessary know-how, such as with the EBV Elektronik "Wissensmagazin". The current edition focuses on the topic of functional safety.

With a tailor-made seeding concept in the special interest field of the semi-conductor industry, VIRAL LAB distributed the spot and the campaign topic "functional safety" to promote the EBV’s know-how magazine.


Mercedes Benz - MYVAN: The L 319 Project

In 1955 L 319, the first transport vehicle carrying the Mercedes Benz star, was launched at the IAA. Fans named it The Mother of all light transport vehicles or the Original Van. Now the oldtimer classic is to shine again over the next three months. No lesser one than truck mechanic and TV-presenter Lina van de Mars is responsible for the restoration of the iconic transporter "L 319". Over a couple of web-episodes she gets the van back on the road again. On facebook one could look the MYVAN-team over the shoulder and, for instance, vote for the colour of the van, as well as submit questions around the restoration of the L319. The entire renovation story of the original Mercedes-Benz van can be experienced on

Assigned by fischerAppelt, tv media GmbH VIRAL LAB took care of the strategic seeding of the MYVAN episodes on car-affine social media channels.

Initiative for tertiary education in the Neue Bundesländer : A User’s Guide to University Studies

How does studying actually really work? Matthias Edlinger and Eduard Augustin wanted to find out and conducted research for their guide at ten East–German tertiary education institutions. The results of this unusual research trip were documented on "Studieren in Fernost" and prepared potential students for the semester start in ten steps.

As for the predecessor to A User’s Guide to University Studies, Campus Test, VIRAL LAB was responsible for the strategic seeding of the trailer and successfully promoted all of the ten sequels to the young adult target group. "Studieren in Fernost" (Studying in the Far East) is a campaign of the Hochschulinitiative Neue Bundesländer (Initiative for tertiary education in the Neue Bundesländer) that is operational since 2008, in cooperation with Scholz & Friends and Aperto.

Hyperhidrosis- RIEMSER Arzneimittel AG

The medical condition of excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is a taboo topic. Those affected by the condition do not only suffer from the fear that they cannot control perspiration, the quality of their day-to-day life is also strongly affected. Many do not even know that they are suffering from hyperhidrosis.

VIRAL LAB in cooperation with MCG Medical Consulting Group put into place a viral marketing campaign for die RIEMSER Arzneimittel AG, which lifts the taboos around hyperhidrosis, educates about the condition and creates awareness for the suffering of those affected.

Apart from the conceptualisation and the production of the viral, VIRAL LAB was also responsible for the strategic seeding, the distribution and launching of the spot and the campaign topic.

The Mobile CD

Feldschlösschen Premium- Exactly my Taste

Together with Ogilvy & Mather Berlin VIRAL LAB conducted a cross-media promotion campaign for Feldschlösschen Premium to publicise the Feldschlösschen brand and its Facebook Fanpage. As part of proactive community management to sensitise the community for activities and products and to involve fans in content and design, several activity highlights were launched on facebook, such as a competition during the Zurich Film Festival or voting for a new bottle design.

VIRAL LAB took care of the campaign and seeding that ran for several months, specifically targeting Swiss blogs, promoting the brand through facebook in-game promotion and distributing through online media. These measures successfully opened facebook channels for Feldschlösschen Premium on a quantitative as well as qualitative level.


ARD EinsPlus- "New Programme for new Brains"

ARD- Digitalkanal EinsPlus cleans up their evening act by leaving primetime to quick-witted brains. And do they know about media entertainment! Sarah Kuttner, Philipp Walulis, Pierre M. Krause take over prime broadcasting slots and zap up primetime TV.

These young and wild media stars are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends, music and anything that might be of interest and positively influence ratings. The broadcast Junge Formate is tailored to the needs of a young target group aged between 14 and 29 years.

Assigned by feedback media design GmbH VIRAL LAB realised the seeding of a trailer that shows what the new quick-witted primetime brains have up their sleeves.

DSO - "Fürs Leben" Trust

Organ donation is an important and sensitive topic. In Germany life-saving organs are currently being awaited by 12 000 people, three of whom are dying each day because too few of us carry an organ donation pass.

In order to create awareness for the dramatic situation of waiting list patients and the willingness to donate organs, Ogilvy & Mather Berlin brought to life the information campaign FÜRS LEBEN.

VIRAL LAB distributed the accompanying film via blogs and YouTube. The message is unsettling and moving: A piece of paper can save lives.


Microsoft- viral B2B Campaign

To promote their programme for further training Top-MCP for IT-Professionals software company Microsoft and Grabow & Bartetzko Filmproduktion in Munich implemented a viral B2B-campaign that stands out in its lightness and emotionality.

The humorous viral "Man versus Machine" shows the damage an incompetent IT-expert can cause.

VIRAL LAB was responsible for the seeding of the B2B-campaign within the IT-field, which successfully motivated the target group to enrol for the certification programme.

Avène – Absolutely germ free

Germs in a tube, a viral campaign for Avène an expert for dermatological cosmetics, explores the dark side of beauty. Various irritants, such as environmental factors or stress, contribute to the fact that nearly every second woman complains about sensitive skin. And more than often germs hide in the least expected places – in contaminated cosmetic products.

The new generation of Avène tubes is set to remedy the situation with its patented DEFI-tube, which guarantees 100% protection from contamination.

Assigned by BIRCH COVE Digital GmbH VIRAL LAB took on the strategic seeding of the campaign and its spot, which illustrates how this line of cosmetic products stays sterile till the last drop through innovative tube technique.


SOMM - Do it before it’s too late

Guided by the principle “Music Your Life”, the Music Association SOMM (Society of Music Merchants) initiated an eerie viral campaign together with the agency Kruger Media Under the motto “Do it before it’s too late“, it illustrates in the best horror-movie style what happens when passion and instrument are neglected for far too long.

The campaign is calling on former amateur musicians and everyone interested in music not to postpone their desire of making music any longer and instead to take back their time and remove the dust that had been building up on their instruments and their talents.

VIRAL LAB supported and accompanied the campaign development and implemented the strategic seeding of the campaign on specific music-related social media channels.

EBV Consumer - If Only You Could Cook

Consumer electronics have become an indispensable part of our modern life. Semiconductors play a key role in the development of new technologies related to consumer electronics and other domestic electronic equipment.

The semiconductor specialist EBV is one of the leading suppliers for the electronics industry. The spot “If Only You Could Cook“ presents the EBV Consumer service and shows in a highly amusing way the rapid progress made in the field of consumer electronics in our everyday life. VIRAL LAB supported EBV once more with an individual seeding concept and succeeded in raising awareness of the video seeding among electronics enthusiasts.


EBVchips - Achieving More Together

EBV Elektronik is one of the leading semiconductor specialists in the field of electronic and industrial components. With the new EBV Chips, the company builds a bridge from ready-made, compact solutions to customized products for small and medium-sized businesses which are developed with and for the customer.

Through the campaign “Achieving More Together” and the homonymous spot, the semiconductor specialist presents the new service EBV Chips.

VIRAL LAB supported EBV Elektronik with a tailored seeding concept and succeeded in raising awareness of the video seeding campaign among special interest audiences in the semiconductor industry.

PIRELLI - EU Tire Label

The fruitful cooperation with the tyre specialist Pirelli advances to the next level.

From November 2012, tyre manufactures will be required by the EU to label their car tyres on rolling resistance, wet grip and noise levels. This fact prompted Pirelli to release three short videos which inform car fans about these three important criteria for tyre selection.

VIRAL LAB was tasked by Carat Deutschland GmbH to distribute the videos for Pirelli among a car-related audience.

More campaign spots:

EU Tire Label - Noise emission

EU Tire Label - Wet grip


OPEL – Keeping a Clear Overview

In the spot “Keeping a Clear Overview“, the automobile manufacturer Opelprovides a charming solution to the parking ticket issue. Whereas an avid traffic warden hands out parking tickets, a smart Opel driver shows us how to always have a clear overview no matter what the situation.

The spring campaign was launched on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Adam Opel. The campaign was effective in drawing attention to the Free-Pro-Check (including original Opel windscreen wipers) among Opel car drivers.

After successfully completing the Opel service winter campaign "Starting without heart pounding" at the end of 2011, VIRAL LAB was tasked by Carat Deutschland GmbH/ Aegis Media again to implement the video seeding for the spring campaign 2012 and helped many drivers back to a clear view.

OTTO - Swopping

The fashion industry is in a constant search for new trends. Fresh fashion campaigns enthuse the masses and steer them away from their daily routine. Through a spring viral campaign, the e-commerce pioneer OTTO was able to set, in collaboration with VIRAL LAB, a huge trend for the spring/summer 2012 season: SWOPPING.

VIRAL LAB developed and implemented the viral campaign, which became an Internet sensation. The SWOPPING campaign was specifically targeted at young people, in order to position OTTO as a modern and innovative supplier of fashion and lifestyle products. Due to its funny and action-oriented nature, SWOPPING offers endless possibilities of changing clothes and inspired the online community to create plenty of similar videos.

VIRAL LAB was responsible for the planning, execution and the strategic seeding of the viral campaign and provided OTTO with guidance on Social Web implementation.

More campaign spots:

Dress - Swopping

Sweater - Swopping

Freestyle - Swopping in Berlin

Sightseeing - Swopping


Fujitsu – Augmented Reality Action

The Fujitsu Lifebook campaign at the Munich airport caused quite a stir among the passengers. After all, becoming unknowingly the protagonist of an augmented reality scene and being reflected on a big screen is something that doesn’t happen every day.

At terminal 2, a pair of virtual security guards illustrated in an entertaining manner why it is so important that the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 meets the highest security standards. Especially the business customers will appreciate the advantages offered by the long battery life and high security level of the new tablet.

The augmented reality experiment is part of the Fujitsu campaign "Accept no boundaries", which also included the execution of other high impact marketing initiatives at the Munich airport.

VIRAL LAB was tasked by Makai Europe to implement the strategic video seeding on selected online communities, forums and blogs in Germany and England, and succeeded in raising awareness of the business tablet among the relevant target group.


Strait Exclusive - Edition Testa Motari

For more than 40 years, the name CHERRY has been a synonym for high quality keyboards. With great attention to detail, Cherry has created a new optical highlight for every desk - the Testa Motari Editionsmodelle. With the purchase of this keyboard, design enthusiasts will obtain a unique piece which combines sophisticated design with the finest wood veneer resulting in a own distinctive style.

As part of the branding campaign, VIRAL LAB was tasked by ZF Friedrichshafen to distribute the video supporting the product launch and to increase awareness of the Cherry Strait Exclusive among the exclusive target group.


Let's help Helmut

The American cookie Oreo is a snack which is savored all over the world. The cookie has also attained cult status in Germany thanks to the brand’s celebrated ritual. For the Oreo cookie is not simply eaten, but enjoyed with the Oreo ritual - twist, lick, dunk-, which is just as well known as the cookie itself.

Helmut, the eccentric star of the new social media campaign, encouraged the German online community to share their particular cookie rituals with him and the rest of the world. Using a Facebook app, the German Oreo fans could upload videos with their own cookie rituals and win a trip to New York.

VIRAL LAB was tasked by Ogilvy Public Relations to implement the strategic seeding of the campaign. Additional publicity for the Oreo video contest was generated by placing Helmut‘s video appeal on sites related to food & sweets with the objective of catching the visitor’s attention.

Starting without heart pounding

For the automobile manufacturer OPEL an efficient daily mobility is even in the winter a matter of the heart. With the campaign "Starting without heart pounding", Opel defies the winter by offering the perfect service to totally enjoy driving on winter roads.

The two protagonists of the video remind us how important it is to be able to rely on you car in case an emergency arises. In order for the engine to start without heart pounding in any critical situation, the Opel campaign sought to bring the attention of car drivers to the "winter check" special service.

VIRAL LAB was tasked by ACT Europe to implement the social media seeding of the campaign. The successful seeding of the amusing video on different online plattforms caused viral effects among the targeted group and stimulated discussions among the car-related audience.


Let's Dance Attack in Milan

The tyre manufacturer Pirelli has been displaying for more than 40 years an unerring instinct for exceptional campaigns; the Pirelli Calendar attests to that.

The new Pirelli campaign has also demonstrated that advertising car tyres can be undertaken in a creative way. The Formula 1’s current sole tyre supplier celebrated its comeback to Formula 1 and its first season on P Zero tyres by delivering the performance "Let's Dance Attack" in the city centre of Milan.

The dancers performed at different spots in Milan amazing the audience with their cool moves to the beats of Breakbot and captivating the fans.

VIRAL LAB was tasked by Carat Deutschland GmbH to implement the strategic seeding of the online marketing campaign and made the Pirelli sound reverberate throughout selected social media channels.


Viral recruiting with Axel Springer AG

The MEDIA ENTREPRENEURS campaign initiated by Axel Springer AG is another example of a successful employer branding in the social Web.

With a large dose of self-mockery and sense of humor, the media giant embarked on an unconventional recruiting strategy based on social media. The publishing house was looking for extraordinarily talented individuals capable of performing unusual job assignments and building new digital business models.

Scholz & Friends was responsible for creating the campaign "MEDIA ENTEPRENEURS". The initiative was backed by print advertising, which humorously emphasized the objectives of the campaign: To find talented people who are so creative that not only new jobs have to be invented for them, but also completely new firms.

VIRAL LAB was in charge of the strategic seeding of the viral video on online social media platforms as well as of the entire YouTube channel management of the campaign (strategy, consulting, setup & design adjustment, content management & feedback management).

The seeding strategy captured the target group of digital natives und was successful in spreading the campaign virally in Web 2.0 environments. Due to the systematic seeding, the video received more than 200.000 unique views in only a few weeks and was ranked number one on YouTube: "Popular on the Web" in the category "People & blogs".


Dance of the Vampires - "Flying Vampire"

The popular musical of Roman Polanski comes back to Berlin. And the makers of "Dance of the Vampires" thought that a special musical deserves a special entrance – and what a better way to arrive in the city than recreating different building façades with a vampire pulling a coffin.

The effective guerrilla campaign "Flying Vampire" intended to draw attention to the musical premiere on November 14, 2011. The campaign was successful in arousing interest in the passers-by and the emergence of the night creature demonstrated they were ready for the challenge of being back in the streets of the capital. The musical will be running at the "Theater des Westens" until the end of August 2012.

The guerrilla campaign was followed up with a strategic online seeding conducted by VIRAL LAB. The video was distributed on selected social media sites and was widely shared in the communities.

GEERS Hörakustik - Der schönste Klang Deutschlands

GEERS Hörakustik AG & Co. KG

Germany’s most beautiful sound

For many of us, the ability to hear comes naturally. Thanks to the sense of hearing, we are able to distinguish the variety of sounds that surround us.

The hearing-aid company GEERS is a specialist in the field of hearing technologies and thus has a good ear for beautiful sounds. The campaign "Germany’s most beautiful sound" is an indicator of how much GEERS Hörakustik cares about sounds. On the website, which was specially developed for this purpose, users were encouraged to describe their favourite sounds and explain why they are so close to them.

The participants also had the opportunity to vote online for the best German sound.

The campaign was launched in another seven European countries at later dates. The most beautiful sound worldwide will be published at the end of the year (2011). VIRAL LAB was in charge of the strategic seeding and promotion of the website and succeeded in spreading the campaign virally among the target audience.


Migros - Migipedia

The right place for the right opinion.

At Migros, direct contact to the customer is crucial. The relationship with the customer is in fact so important that MIGROS decided to develop together with Liip AG and Jung von Matt/Limmat a transparent platform for consumers. The result was the encyclopedia of consumption "MIGIPEDIA", which allows direct dialogue between MIGROS and its customers.

The online platform won the prestigious "Masters of Swiss Web" awards in 2011 and also received gold in four of the ten "Best of Swiss Web" categories.

Migipedia is a platform where consumers can share information about Migros products, read ratings and reviews. The symbiosis of network and encyclopedia appeals to the community and leaves a lasting positive impression on the users. Even for some of the Migipedia users, the borders between the virtual and the actual world become a bit fuzzy – as the Migros video demonstrates.

VIRAL LAB was in charge of distributing the video with geotargeting for Switzerland and managed to raise brand awareness among the target audience.

Fashion Flashmob

For the latest campaign of the Online Fashion Shop fashmob VIRAL LAB was charged with the seeding for an unusual action, which already caused quite a stir in Hamburg.

The young online shop fashmob represents an online portal with community character for everybody who feels passion for fashion. It is this passion which the more than 50 participants felt during the flash mob, which took place on Hamburgs popular quarter "Schanze". With a lot of courage to show some bare facts, the fashion junkies got rid of their clothes and offered passersby a memorable spectacle.

The concept and filmproduction was realized by the agencies Pila & Tüdelüt and giraffentoast with viral consultation by VIRAL LAB. The strategic seeding of the campaign was then carried out by VIRAL LAB through Fashion- & Lifestyle Portals which ensured the viral spread of the Flashmob video and generated awareness for fashmob in the fashion and online shopping enthused target group.


Studieren in Fernost
(Studying in the Far East)

Campus Test

For the successfull campaign "Studieren in Fernost”, which is implemented in cooperation of Scholz & Friends Agenda and Aperto since 2008, VIRAL LAB was assigned with the development and execution of a seeding strategy.

"Studieren in Fernost" is campaign by the Universities of eastern Germany (Hochschulinitiative Neue Bundesländer - University Initiative New Federal States), which informs high-school graduates and prospective students from West Germany about the educational opportunities in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

In the new Campus Test Quiz App professors from East German universities explain interesting aspects of 13 fields of study in entertaining short videos.

The seeding was carried out by eye-catching social media placements in online communities and blogs associated to the thematic environments of school, university and career, as well as by special promotional placements of selected films in video communities.

Hevert Arzneimittel

Hevert-Pharmaceutical Company


After the viral campaign “Hevert's Heavenly Adulation” VIRAL LAB was again commissioned with the viral spreading of a campaign for Hevert- Arzneimittel GmbH & Co.KG.

Corresponding with the cold season, the Cologne-based advertising agency Polivox designed and implemented a campaign for the product Sinusitis Hevert SL, which revolves, in the truest sense of the word, around everything concerning the nose.

Get to know the Nas-o-Mat, a website that provides lots of fun with the first virtual nose job. And it’s guaranteed free of pain - just upload a picture, choose a nose, shape it to your wishes and off you go. Of course also without spareing the noses of your friends.

Through the strategic seeding by VIRAL LAB many snuffy people took the website as a welcome remedy to virtually get themselves (and their friends) a new nose and thereby spread the word about Sinusitis Hevert SL as homeopathic medicine for inflammation of the nasal-pharyngeal in an entertaining way.


Airport Cologne Bonn - Crazy about flying

The airport Cologne Bonn is one of the biggest airports in Germany. With the image campaign "Crazy about flying" three funny spots give you an insight behind the scene why these employees carry out their professional duties even in their free time.

This humorous airport campaign was designed and realized by the Cologne-based advertising agency Polivox and was originally produced to be shown in selected cinemas. VIRAL LAB was assigned with the online extension across Social Media Marketing Channels and YouTube Video Seeding.

The Seeding of the spots was specifically targeted in social media channels with high relevance for Internet users from the greater Cologne Bonn area. This allowed passengers from the catchment area to learn why the Cologne Bonn Crew is a tad better than the competition.

Josera Pet Food

Seppl Reloaded

He is small, bright yellow und now in 3D. We are talking about Seppl, the Josera mascot.

After the successful production of the viral marketing campaign, with dog actor Spitzi in the Viral Spot, VIRAL LAB was assigned with the 3D development of Seppl for the re-launch of the Seppl Community. Or to be more precise, teach Seppl a few tricks.

With passion for detail and with great 3D-support of moluma Seppl has now come alive.

Not just dog lovers have taken Seppl into their hearts; even Seppl himself is excited about his new 3D skills.


New season - New Addiction

During the World Cup Ski & winter sports season 2010/2011 VIRAL LAB was again responsible for the international social media planning and distribution of a spot for the ski brand HEAD. The spot is called “Lindsey, wait for it".

The spot starring US-ski Star Lindsey Vonn follows up the previous spot by Bode Millers called Speedoholic. Lindsey’s innate impatience, which expressed itself already in her childhood years when stamping her feet, is taken up in the spot in an ironic and likeable way, and shows she had been one step ahead of her competitors even at an early age.

The international seeding strategy of VIRAL LAB made sure that the brand and the campaign about LV achieved great success within the ski and snow sports communities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Being equipped with the KERS- turbo charger, the fast-paced brand Head did not only thrill avowed Speedoholics.

Hevert- Arzneimittel

Hevert- Pharmaceutical Company

A celestial viral campaign.

Using strategic seeding, VIRAL LAB has actively contributed to the viral spread of a particularly beneficial campaign.

The viral campaign “Hevert's Heavenly Adulation” - conceptualized and set forth by a Cologne-based advertising agency Polivox for customers of the Hevert pharmaceutical company - promotes the product Zincum Valeianicum-Hevert.

The strategic seeding of the campaign and the viral clips, which pamper the viewer with ultimate adulation in form of a minute-long series of compliments, allowed for successful distribution among relevant online interest groups, while at the same time infusing some heavenly Tender Loving Care in viewers.


Genuport / I FLUFF YOU

For the American cult spread FLUFF, VIRAL LAB took over the concept and implementation of the viral marketing campaign on behalf of Genuport Trade AG.

In the commercial, designed and produced by VIRAL LAB, four young Fluff fans show us the product's qualities from a somewhat different perspective - using a flat surface, some Fluff, and a younger brother.

The successful seeding of the viral commercial assured that the sweet product stuck with not only the four starlets from the commercial, but also with the general public.

The viral spot “I Fluff You” was picked from over 500 submissions for the Viral Video Award and scored in the 6th place.

World Vision Deutschland e.V.

You for Africa

For the children's charity “World Vision”, VIRAL LAB implemented a social media campaign on behalf of the agency Joussen Karliczek GmbH that would publicize the web campaign “You for Africa” .

The campaign website, which carries the same title, will allow sponsors and their friends to star in the campaign's commercial by uploading and sending their own or their friend's photo to be used in the commercial.

The successful publication of the campaign on social media channels created a high participation rate and interaction with the campaign among the campaign's target group. Through the implemented wide distribution of personalized commercials, the message of how “easy it is for help to have a face” was able to reach a larger target group.

Deutsche Telekom


By conducting a market analysis for Deutsche Telecom's unified communication service “MyCommsuite” in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia, VIRAL LAB was able to successfully implement network expansion in Eastern Europe.

On behalf of Agency Avantgarde, VIRAL LAB carried out thematic differential social media campaigns in relevant target markets and was able to generate valuable insights into future communication strategies for target group relevant multipliers.



VIRAL LAB has been charged with the distribution of an advertisement for Microsoft in Switzerland.

To reach the specific target group of the Swiss IT and business decision makers, the advertisement was placed on the economic and financial platforms of Switzerland that represent the most widely used Internet services of consumption and purchasing power as "Leader" and "Top Leader".

The conducted targeting resulted in an above-average click-through rate.


VENRO e.V. / Deine Stimme gegen Armut

VIRAL LAB, together with the VENRO e.V. (VENRO Association), supported and sustained the legendary “Finger Snap” campaign of DEINE STIMME GEGEN ARMUT (YOUR VOICE AGAINST POVERTY) with the placement of the eye-catching „Tatort Afrika&ldquo (Crime Scene Africa) commercial on major social networks, blogs and forums.

Once again celebrities campaign against poverty, and again they use the symbol of a finger snap ("like this!") to portray the gruesome three-second beat of death. This time, however, attention is drawn toward the inaction of politics and the failure of existing committees to strive for developmental cooperation.

Only actors of the TV Series “Tatort” (Crime Scene) are commissioners who are asking for help from the public. And always in the picture appears the continuous theme of this year's DSGA campaign: the chalk outline of a child's corpse.

Meg Pfeifer


Meg Pfeifer

AGENCY: glutamat - Julia Sommerer

CONCEPT & PRODUCTION: Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH


Meg Pfeifer

Lady Gaga’s „Poker Face“ and Katy Perry’s „I kissed a Girl“ are only a couple of the international chart hits which the new country music star, Meg Pfeiffer, has reinterpreted.

VIRAL LAB has accompanied the release of her first single, „Poker Face“, and her debut album „Bull Rider„ with an attention-grabbing social media campaign, bringing the artist to the attention of an affinitive music audience.


Josera GmbH & Co. KG

For Josera., the manufacturer of premium pet food, VIRAL LAB picks up the topic of pet food right from where it ends up in an integrated viral marketing campaign entitled „kleinscheiss“ (Little/ Small Shit). The viral commercial directs its viewers toward the campaign’s website, where war is waged on the scattered dog droppings. The cross-media campaign elements from viral, sampling, PR and guerrilla actions are combined on the website to encourage audience participation in product testing.

The strategic seeding of viral commercials was carried out on special interest target group affinity websites. In addition to editorial content placed on blogs and forums for and by dog owners, the viral outreach commercial was placed in video sharing communities under the categories of thematic relevance and eye-catching video search optimization.


HEAD, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of premium branded sports equipment, promotes in an international campaign the new HEAD Supershape ski. In the produced Spot Skiing Star and Olympic Gold Winner Bode Miller fights against his inner demons and his speed addiction together with other members of a self-help group. VIRAL LAB was assigned for the international social media planning and distribution of the Spot showing Speedoholic Miller and his drug of choice, the new HEAD Supershape ski.

The strategic seeding focused on fans of winter sports and skier with a special attention to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. The strategic placement of the country-specific social media containers ( spots with respective language subtitles as well as advertorials with integrated flash video player) was scheduled to the Olympic Winter games 2010 and generated a huge awareness and online visibility for the brand. Within four week the spot scored more then half a million unique views and has been well-received by audience.


Rudolf Bohnacker Systeme GmbH

FOR THE LADIES is a woman's dream come true. Or to say it in another way: The campaign shows just how easy this dream can become reality with the MODULAR PLUS walk in closet system from Rudolf Bohnacker Systeme GmbH. In this viral spot Don and his sexy buddies demonstrate very impressively that you can hardly turn a bare room into a stylish walk-in closet faster and easier then with this flexible shelving system.

Whether online, on the interactive campaign website which includes a 3D shelving configurator and a store locater, as part of the public relations road shows in and on a show truck, or as a POS display, the cross-media campaign elements address women with ideas. The MODULAR PLUS System is made FOR THE LADIES.

Campus Verlag GmbH

VIRAL LAB was assigned by the Campus publishing house with the concept, production and strategic seeding of a viral spot as part of a cross-media campaign to release the new adviser book "Ohne Chef ist auch keine Lösung&quo;.

Each employee who has problems with his boss and who visits the "ordering website" BOX YOUR BOSS reveals himself as part of the target group and is directly lead to the actual campaign website Apart from many useful tips, downloads, a forum for exchanging experiences and a boss test, this website offers the possibility to order the book - for a more constructive manner in dealing with one's boss-problems than using boxing gloves.

Awarded as “Project of the Week” by the trade magazine HORIZONT. (2009.09.10.)

Deutschlands größte Kissenschlacht

HRS - Hotel Reservation Service

VIRAL LAB was charged with seeding social media content to promote the online campaign To this end relevant opinion leaders were identified for the campaign and advertorials were placed on different social media touch points (e.g. blogs) giving the campaign noticeable web coverage.

The applied flash video player and the integrated multimedia content were accountable for giving the target group the possibility to directly interact and participate with the campaign and giving the brand a significant positive visibility on the internet.

Medizinfuchs GmbH


Spot for Medizinfuchs



Medizinfuchs GmbH

VIRAL LAB developed an all-inclusive viral marketing campaign for the No.1 online medicine price comparison portal

The viral spot was designed and implemented in a way that it addresses with a wink both the target group of silver surfers as well as their children (age 30+) - who act as important multipliers.

For increasing the brand awareness the viral spot was strategically seeded in different channels reflecting the relevant online environment of video-sharing sites, blogs and special interest sites who have taken up the spot and the message in a very positive way.

Imagebild der Kampagne


Zur weiteren Bekanntmachung der L’TUR „Bed of Fame“ Kampagne ist die Agentur VIRAL LAB mit der Erstellung, Aufbereitung und Platzierung von Image-Content beauftragt wurden.

Basierend auf der Analyse relevanter Onlineumfelder und zielführender Traffic-Touchpoints wurde eine Seedingstrategie entwickelt. Der Image Content wurde reichweiten,- und aufmerksamkeitsstark auf deutschsprachigen Social Media Portalen platziert und aktivierte die Zielgruppe über Click-Event-Option zur Kampagnensite.

Bild der Band

The Hidden Paper Monsters

The Hidden Paper Monsters, a band whose members come from well known acts from London, Berlin and Hamburg and who has to hide their true identity, got staged by VIRAL LAB in the video clip "Got you on tape".

The song plays with the question of who is hiding under the strange paper bags, but not revealing any clues. The focus lies not on who plays the music but on the music itself: a mix of rock / electro / alternative and big beat.



On the occasion of the national holiday Swisscom addressed an entertaining viral spot to all the Swiss people. The agency VIRAL LAB was assigned with the seeding of the clip and cared for a successful straight to the point viral spreading by means of an optimal seeding strategy.

Exactly on August 1st, the Swiss national holiday, and without any commercial media bookings the viral spot received maximum attention on YouTube's home page by means of a placement as "most viewed video of the day". And what's even more gratifying: the greatest user interaction (more than 75%) came from Switzerland.

In the following weeks the viral clip scored a top 5 rank as "Top Video of the Week" in the category "entertainment" and consequently continued its successful spreading within the target group.

Amnesty International

In remembrance of the signing of the human rights declaration 60 years ago Amnesty International Maroc Morocco produced a viral spot which interprets this topic in a very striking way.

VIRAL LAB distributed the clip across a multitude of different touch points and channels thereby generating a considerable amount of awareness within the target communities. Especially user who can only be reached very difficulty by conventional media were encouraged to concern themselves with this serious topic.



For the announcement of, the German spin-off of Europe's largest online ticket exchange, VIRAL LAB was commissioned with the seeding of six short viral spots.

Through the strategic distribution of the viral clips in selected online communities, forums, blogs and other relevant social media touch points the campaign generated an above average gross coverage within the focused target group interested in concerts, festivals and sport events.



In order to announce the new TOUGHBOOK Executive 8-Series KnaupTV developed and produced an integrative marketing campaign for Panasonic Europe GmbH to accompany the European product launch.

By presenting its benefits (worlds lightest notebook of its class, carrying handle and extra long battery life) Take-It-Easy.TV introduced the CF-F8 as the perfect luggage for the mobile workday within the relevant online target groups of business travellers, professional users and ProSumers.

VIRAL LAB was commissioned with the Europe wide strategic seeding of the two corresponding viral spots, with a special focus on Germany, Great Britain and France.

Over and above all the spots did not only got very positive response in the communities but the campaign was also picked up by the press [Press Release: read more ... ]

Showreel: Andi Knaup

Creative Director/ Director

Showreel of Andi Knaup
Clip for Medizinfuchs
Clip for Panasonic
Viral for Panasonic | Monkey-Proof
Viral for OBI
spot for Sony Walkman
First Viral for Seatwave
Second Viral for Seatwave
Third Viral for Seatwave
Fourth Viral for Seatwave
Fifth Viral for Seatwave
Sixth Viral for Seatwave
First Viral for AOK
Second Viral for AOK
Third Viral for AOK
Fourth Viral for AOK
Fifth Viral for AOK
Sixth Viral for AOK
Seventh Viral for AOK
Eighth Viral for AOK
Ninth Viral for AOK
Tenth Viral for AOK
Eleventh Viral for AOK
Twelfth Viral for AOK
Pfui - Hardcore Karaoke
Cinema commercial for Philips, Universal, Sony
Orange Blue - She's got that light
TV-Commercial for Tecxus
Cinema commercial for Zoo Wuppertal
Gelassen läuft´s
Tanga Termites

Showreel: Johann Wolf


first spot for Mt. Shasta SkiPark
second spot for Mt. Shasta SkiPark
spot for